"All forms of violence are quests for identity.”

Marshall McLuhan

 "We see a lot of aggression and antagonistic behavior on social media, it's because people are fighting to get their identity represented. When we have sensory capabilities in virtual media, I think then we'll get a proper representation. I think it will be less antagonistic than we find social media right now and more empathetic." 

Why multiple identities are closer than you think

Virtual Identity

Paradigm for the Connected World


"The Digital Transformation brings opportunity for communal, government and individual development but do we understand our new acquired rights and possibilities?
And what are the consequences on social and psychological level?"


Intelligent Machines

The convergence of artificial intelligence,  blockchain, 5G connectivity, virtual reality, and other frontier technologies has sparked a technological revolution that is fundamentally transforming the way society operates.
Although these technologies have evolved independently over time, they are becoming increasingly intertwined and packaged into a new productive asset: intelligent and autonomous machines.


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Three Thousand Years of Algorithmic Rituals: The Emergence of AI from the Computation of Space

"With topographical memory, one could speak of generations of vision and even of visual heredity from one generation to the next. The advent of the logistics of perception and its renewed vectors for delocalizing geometrical optics, on the contrary, ushered in a eugenics of sight, a pre-emptive abortion of the diversity of mental images, of the swarm of image-beings doomed to remain unborn, no longer to see the light of day anywhere."

—Paul Virilio, The Vision Machine

What is blockchain?

What actually is blockchain? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Transhumanism

Transhumanism is a way of thinking about the future that is based on the premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development but rather a comparatively early phase. Read on.

Metaverse: Augmented reality pioneer warns it could be far worse than social media

If used improperly, the metaverse could be more divisive than social media and an insidious threat to society and even reality itself.

John Oliver on Data Brokers

The Last Week Tonight host discussed the ‘sprawling, unregulated ecosystem’ that allows for companies to use personal data to target consumers.

Tech's Ongoing Obsession With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been steadily evolving for decades, but still haven't lived up to the expectations of many. Here's a look at the current state of VR and AR, and where they're likely to go.

"We are used to having one authentic identity physicality because we're embodied in this physical body, but we won't have that. We could have many different identities in the metaverse or whatever you call it. That means that you could end up meeting up with yourselves. And I think that's the most interesting thing that you can bend time and space so that you don't have to be just one person living a very linear life. One could meet up with different versions of one self at different ages lifestyle ages, perhaps you could meet up with your younger self or older self, you know, all of these things could be possible and that will really give us a completely different sense of reality."

What's the SSI?

Self-sovereign identity is an approach to digital identity that gives individuals control of their digital identities. SSI addresses the difficulty of establishing trust in an interaction. In order to be trusted, one party in an interaction will present credentials to the other parties, and those relying parties can verify that the credentials came from an issuer that they trust.

Metaverse technologies’ incredible potential should be applied beyond avatar chat rooms and virtual property pyramid schemes– They should be put to work to do so much more.

Decentralized framework

Within the new technologies like blockchain humanity reaches a next step in their transhumanistic adventure.  The architecture promises great advancements in the area's of health, public works, political transparency and social safeguards.  

Your Data, your Privacy

In the 21st century the greatest revolution might be how we handle our (personal) data.  We explore the development of personal data-pods and the ethical standards within the design.  

All on the Pod

The newest trend could be all of your personal data on a pod.  And this in a framework of decentralization offers a multitude of configurable options.  More on that in the next series on decentralized personal data pods.  
The future is now and it is configurable. 

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