Virtual Identity

"All forms of violence are quests for identity."

Marshall McLuhan

 “We see a lot of aggression and antagonistic behavior on social media, it’s because people are fighting to get their identity represented. When we have sensory capabilities in virtual media, I think then we’ll get a proper representation. I think it will be less antagonistic than we find social media right now and more empathetic.”

Virtual Identity

Paradigm for the Connected World


"The Digital Transformation brings opportunity for communal, government and individual development but do we understand our new acquired rights and possibilities? And what are the consequences on social and psychological level?"

Intelligent Machines

The convergence of artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G connectivity, virtual reality, and other frontier technologies has sparked a technological revolution that is fundamentally transforming the way society operates. Although these technologies have evolved independently over time, they are becoming increasingly intertwined and packaged into a new productive asset: intelligent and autonomous machines.

Artificial Intelligence


5G Connectivity

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality


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