IoTeX is a remarkable company which we advise to keep a keen eye on. We will take over here some of the articles on their website, relevant to our cause.  This to get a discussion going and to see what we can implement ourselves.  A lot of work has been done and one of the core elements is their open source infrastructure.  Anyone can take up the challenge!

Decentralized Identity (DID)

Pebble Tracker



ioPay: the official wallet of the IoTeX Network and gateway to IoTeX DApps and services
Cyclone Protocol: a privacy-preserving token/transaction obfuscation tool with liquidity mining
MintToken: token minting tool that allows anyone to create their own XRC20 & XRC721 tokens
HealthNet: HIPAA-compliant platform for trusted and transparent medical supply chains
Hyperaware: DApp for governing connected devices/data based on their physical location
Beancount: double-entry accounting tool
Travel Cat: an online game where players can explore a dynamic digital world and collect NFTs
Vitality (VITA): a decentralized token for community incentives and extra staking rewards