Virtual Identity

What is Virtual Identity actually? That is what we are trying to find out.

It is a philosophical approach to a question as long as we have dreamed. Have we made us ourselves? Or are we in the process of doing that with the combination of AI, machine learning and other techniques? Who knows. Please give your viewpoints in the forum.

Virtual Identity is available as a token which rewards interactions between humans or their representation.

To keep the concept of Virtual Identity manageable we start from the interface definition. That is: an adaptable and intuitive interface with a flawless connection in a undisturbed shell with the best AI support a person could ask for.
The rewarding mechanism is based on attention since we are in the middle of the attention-economy. So what better way than to reward, not per se “good behaviors”, but good interactions, with measurable outcomes and perspectives.
In this way we can refine the so called shell of the adaptable interface in terms of AR and VR.